Wednesday, March 6, 2013

READER REVIEW: Hannah's Review of Ben & Jerry's Cow Power

Here's another review from our friend Hannah from The Review Addict! with a Ben & Jerry's European exclusive, Cow Power.

Cow Power is a new flavour from Ben and Jerry's. It is exclusive to Sainsbury's and has been launched to try and raise awareness of the standards of animal welfare in the EU, partically in regards to dairy cows. Ben and Jerry's (along with Compassion in World Farming and WSPA) is calling for new set of rules to help ensure that our bovine friends live a happier life. You can read more about the Better Dairy campaign and pledge your support here. Cow Power is currently priced at £4.49 for 500ml, is fair trade, suitable for vegetarians and contains free range eggs.

I love ice cream, but I have a real issue with it when it starts to melt. It reminds me too much of milk and I have a real problem with milk or anything that looks like it. I'm a bit strange like that. The trouble with Ben and Jerry's, and other ice creams in these round containers, is that they can be a bit of nightmare to get out of the tub straight from the freezer. I can't deal with scoops, that is too much hard work and I'm certainly not going to wait for it to melt so it's easier to get out. To combat this problem, I have a bit of a weird method of serving this ice cream. Basically, I remove the lid, stand the tub upside down in a bowl and get a large pair of scissors and cut down one side of the tub and then across the base. This way you can then just peel off the cardboard tub and then you are just left with a whole block of ice cream in the bowl. You can then get a rather large knife and just divide it however you see fit and pop the rest in a freezable tub and back into the freezer...sorted! If you do try this, please be careful with knifes and scissors as this method is not 100% stab proof. Of course the other advantage to this method is I now have a decent picture to show you what Cow Power looks like.

Cow Power is described as sweet ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces, dark chocolate cows and a chocolate fudge swirl. If you are thinking that this sounds familiar, that's because this ice cream is just Fossil Fuel in disguise! The only difference, as far as I can tell, is that it has chocolate cows instead of chocolate dinosaurs (or peace signs, which ever version you remember). The good thing is that I love Fossil Fuel and it's still one of my favourite Ben and Jerry's flavours. As far as I can tell, Cow Power is not a replacement as Fossil Fuel since it's still showing as a flavour on the Ben and Jerry's UK website. Fossil Fuel went to the flavour graveyard back in 2009 but there was a campaign to bring it back, so they resurrected it. Fossil Fuel...sorry I mean Cow Power, is a very sweet ice cream and the combination of the crunchy cookie pieces and the rich fudge swirl is just divine. I wonder what chocolate they use in Ben and Jerry's because I love the fudgy taste and I would like a big bar of it! Although Cow Power isn't a completely new flavour, it is one of my favourite old flavours back for a good cause!

Where Hannah Found It: Sainsbury's (in the UK)
Hannah's Grade: A

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