Tuesday, February 26, 2013

REVIEW: Breyer's Blasts Chocolate Covered Pretzel

The idea of combining chocolate covered pretzels and ice cream isn't a new concept. Previously reviewed flavors like Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby and Publix Premium's Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Sensation had both utilized the fudge-dipped, salty snacks. As a part of the new releases to their Blasts! lineup, Breyer's recently added Chocolate Covered Pretzel, which is made up of chocolate flavored covered pretzel pieces and a fudge swirl in golden vanilla flavored frozen dairy dessert. The golden vanilla base is the same one used in Golden Oreo Cookies & Cream, which had a subpar first impression on my taste buds.

As I sample the golden vanilla frozen dairy dessert first, the consistency continues to underperform as it begins to melt almost immediately after removing it from the freezer. The taste of the golden vanilla seems to incorporate some caramel, providing a flavor that outperforms their standard vanilla. The fudge swirl is portioned out so thinly, that except in a few concentrated parts, it doesn't add much to the overall performance. Some of the larger pools of fudge added a rich chocolate aftertaste, as well as some texture, but these were few and far between. The simple combination is less than impressive, but fortunately for us, they've finished off this flavor with a ton of these oblong shaped, chocolate-covered pretzel pieces.

Most of the pieces span around an inch in length, and because of their abundant quantity, make their way into nearly every other bite. The thick outer coating of fudge provides a rich burst of chocolate, picking up some of the slack left from the fudge swirl. The pretzels hiding inside are salty and crunchy, but still come off sligtly soggy compared to the ones found in similar flavors from premium producers. The overall performance provided by the rich chocolate, golden vanilla ice cream and the crunch from the salty pretzels is still much better than some of the other members of the Breyer's Blasts lineup. Considering that the new Chocolate Covered Pretzel flavor only contains 140 calories per serving, we can't expect this to compete with Chubby Hubby or Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Sensation, but if you're looking for quantity over quality, this may be the perfect fix for your pretzel ice cream cravings.

Where I Found It: Super Wal-Mart
Grade: C

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