Tuesday, January 29, 2013

REVIEW: PET Moose Tracks

My previous two experiences with PET ice cream came in the form of Nutty Buddy Cone Crunch and Banana Split, both of which were solid flavors for a non-super-premium and boasted some of the most impressive swirls I've seen. Like many other generics in the past, PET has reached out to the fudge fanatics at Denali to help create Moose Tracks, vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups swirled with Moose Tracks fudge. The vanilla ice cream inside Nutty Buddy Cone Crunch was certainly the lowlight of the flavor, but considering my infatuation with the chocolate components involved in Private Selection's Denali Extreme Moose Tracks, the promise of Moose Tracks fudge puts my mind at ease. And just in case the incredible fudge swirls wouldn't be enough, they've also employed mini peanut butter cups to seal the deal.

Much like the others, the first layer shown after lifting the lid isn't impressive. But after scraping off a bit, the 200 calories contained inside fully reveals itself. The vanilla ice cream is the same average consistency I was expecting, so I move to the Moose Tracks fudge as quickly as possible. The chocolate swirl is so incredibly thick that it almost acts as a barrier, separating parts of the vanilla ice cream from others. The thickness is so prevalent that it's nearly impossible to break some of the larger pieces with a spoon, and sometimes I had to settle for scooping out an enormous chunk into my bowl. Following my first taste of the rich, thick chocolate fudge, the slight disappointment from the vanilla ice cream immediately dissipates. Some pieces seem to be just as dense and heavy as an actual chocolate bar, and besides the obvious larger pieces, not a bite goes by that doesn't include at least a little bit. This small detail enhances the entire feel of the ice cream and gives a slight chocolate aftertaste to every bite.

But PET isn't finished yet. They've also included peanut butter cups to win over those who still have their doubts. Where Extreme Denali Moose Tracks from Private Selection includes fudge cups, PET's version uses the classic peanut butter variety. The thin, outer-coating of chocolate quickly melts away, leaving a dense collection of peanut butter inside that takes much longer to break down. Although they aren't quite as good as the Moose Tracks filled cups from Private Selection, they're more than enough to enhance this flavor even further. I can certainly see why generic companies continue to call these guys in. Their fudge speaks for itself.

Where I Found It: BI-LO
Grade: B

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