Saturday, January 19, 2013

REVIEW: PET Banana Split

After my first experience with PET ice cream and their Nutty Buddy Cone Crunch, Banana Split was next on my list. Surprisingly enough, there haven't been any banana split themed flavors featured as of yet, but after enjoying most of the banana-inspired offerings I've come across, I'm looking forward to adding such a classic inspiration to the blog. My only concern comes from the promise of frozen fruit in the description by PET, which describes their Banana Split as banana flavored ice cream with pineapple, pecans and cherries swirled with chocolate fudge. After the thick caramel swirl found in Nutty Buddy Cone Crunch, I'm looking forward to coming in contact with their chocolate variety. After removing the plastic seal under the flip-up lid, the first layer looks a bit lacking, but I know what's hiding beneath.

Containing 170 calories per serving, this is among the middle of most ice creams I review as far as nutrition facts are concerned. The fudge streaks are so abundant that it's nearly impossible to taste the banana base all by itself, but I find some with minimal chocolate interference and take my first bite. Although it's not as flavorful as some of the other premium banana ice creams I've had, I was somewhat expecting the mediocrity considering my experience with their vanilla. But after lifting off the first few layers and seeing the chocolate fudge sauce above, my worries subside quickly. As I work my way through, I don't run across too many pieces of partially frozen fruit. The slivers of cherries and pineapple sport the same lackluster consistency that has hindered past flavors, adding minimal amounts of taste along the way. The small pecan pieces add a bit of texture, but not much else, just like the tiny toppings do on an actual banana split.

But much like the other flavor I've had, the highlight of this carton comes from the overflowing amount of fudge sauce swirling about. For whatever reason, PET enhances their average ice cream and mix-ins with some of the thickest, liquid-like swirls I've seen. Certainly not something you'd expect. The chocolate swirl in Banana Split tries its best at impersonating the hot fudge sauce that would cascade over the top of an authentic banana split you'd find a scoop shop, just without the warm temperature. The rich, texturally superior swirl immediately steals the show. Although it can't completely save the overall effectiveness of this flavor, it very much enhances everything it comes in contact with.

Where I Found It: BI-LO
Grade: D

1 comment:

  1. You should check out turkey hill banana split, it's soo good


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