Monday, January 14, 2013

REVIEW: Front Porch Dreamy Vanilla Cream

After trying about two thirds of the current Front Porch lineup, I had done so without brushing up on the basics. I continuously passed on one of their most simple, straightforward flavor, Dreamy Vanilla Cream. Front Porch exclaims, "Go ahead and pinch yourself; this pure, rich vanilla bean ice cream really does taste that good. Sit back, relax, and dream on." Seeing as how sitting back, relaxing and dreaming on are exactly how I see myself spending this afternoon, what better way to do it than with a pint of Dreamy Vanilla Cream. Even though I should know my own tastes well enough by now, only rarely can I pass the more intricate offerings for a base-only ice cream. Every pure vanilla pint I've had has more than met my expectations, often times far surpassing them. New Orleans Ice Cream Company's Vanilla Bean contained no mix-ins, but the bold taste inside their ice cream proved capable of keeping my attention for an extended amount of time. Maybe Front Porch's will be able to do the same.

At 160 calories per serving, this is pretty light as far as premium ice creams are concerned. With the top removed there aren't as many vanilla bean flecks as other flavors I've seen, but still enough to let me know I'm not dealing with a standard vanilla. Without the obstruction of mix-ins, my spoon is able to easily slide deep into the pint and pull out a nice heap of pure vanilla ice cream. The first thing I notice about this light, airy base is the easy to eat consistency. Teetering on the edge of premium and super-premium, the vanilla ice cream doesn't break down immediately upon entering my mouth, but doesn't last too much longer either. The density is more than acceptable, and hangs around just enough to slowly release the complex taste all over my taste buds.

Much like other all-vanilla flavors I've had, the complexity seems to be turned up a notch. Although it leads with sweetness, the changing taste as the taste of vanilla bean becomes involved results in a base that remains rather mild. This isn't something that you'll be tired of having after a few bites. The short joy-ride that each bite embarks on is enjoyable time and time again. Although a simple vanilla won't be changing anyone's views on life, it sure was a nice change of pace compared to other more-involved offerings I've been having lately. Plus, if you eventually do get tired of the simple, yet effective taste, this is the perfect candidate to get creative with (see below).

Where I Found It: Ingles Markets
Grade: C

Front Porch's Dreamy Vanilla Cream is the perfect candidate to add your own mix-ins to if you need a little more spice in your life. My choice, a homemade red velvet cupcake, ended up being incredibly enjoyable.

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