Wednesday, December 19, 2012

REVIEW: Turkey Hill Lady Liberty Mint

Because of the holiday season, the majority of the mint flavored ice creams I've had recently revolved around the red and white striped candy, but after running across this rarity in my ice cream aisle, I couldn't resist going green. Although I'm not sure of the inspiration behind this particular carton, Turkey Hill pays homage to the Statue of Liberty with Lady Liberty Mint, a mint chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake crunches and crunchy chocolate cookie swirl. Even boasting a slew of statue fun facts on the back of the container, I don't make it through many before skipping straight ahead to tearing the lid off.

After removing the lid dedicated to America's symbol of freedom and democracy, the light green first layer has me yearning for more. Luckily, from prior experience, I've found Turkey Hill doesn't like to show their hand initially. Most of the their cartons containing a swirl tend to concentrate a high quantity into the middle layer, which means most is left to the imagination before breaking ground. The 170 calories per serving is pretty consistent with other Turkey Hill flavors, and is confirmed by the soft, fluffy feel as I scoop some into a bowl. As I had anticipated, the deeper I dug into this carton, the more the enormous crunchy chocolate cookie swirl came into play. Chocolate cookie swirls are among my favorite, and have heavily effected the scores of flavors like Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy, as well as their own Double Dunker.

Bringing my first bite up to my mouth, it's hard to ignore the intense smell of the aromatic herb, more so than with the other mint selections I've recently had. The base ice cream is nice and sweet, containing a strong cooling effect that begins to spread around the inside of my mouth. Although it's not a trait that I appreciate, the smooth, yet fluffy consistency helps alleviate the sensation. As you can see from the pictures, Turkey Hill isn't shy with the amount of chocolate cookies and cake they've shoved inside. The tiny chocolate cake crunchies are almost too small to notice, but the soft pieces of cake inside the slightly crunchy coating add a bit of texture and taste.

Where the French gave America The Statue of Liberty as a gift, Turkey Hill gives us the crunchy chocolate cookie swirl, and to someone who enjoys ice cream, something nearly as valuable. This thick, rich and chocolatey swirl comes in extra-large layers and is just as impressive as the cinnamon, graham cracker swirl found in their Pumpkin Pie. Each mouthful of flaky chocolate cookie that I taste takes me on a trip, with both taste and texture. Although mint flavored ice cream doesn't typically have the ability to truly excel, Turkey Hill has finally found a way to free this ice cream from it's usual ceiling.

Where I Found It: Kroger
Grade: B

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