Thursday, December 27, 2012

REVIEW: Talenti German Chocolate Cake (Limited Edition)

During the last few months of the year, most companies are way too preoccupied promoting their seasonal selections to ever consider pushing any other limited-edition runs through before year's end. Ben & Jerry's had introduced a non-holiday-inspired flavor in the form of their limited-batch Cannoli, but most of the other companies had played it safe. Talenti had appeared to be one of those cautious companies as they introduced their Christmas themed Old World Eggnog and Peppermint Bark, both unannounced and unpromoted. That was until last week when I ran across this transparent pint with a small limited-edition label printed on the exterior. While I had missed out on Ben & Jerry's Fair Goodness Cake, Private Selection's German Chocolate Cake had left room for improvement. Hopefully Talenti's German Chocolate Cake can pay proper homage to this worthy inspiration for ice cream.

While cake is perhaps my favorite addition to ice cream, it's not a mix-in you typically see inside a pint of Talenti. The reserved style of the majority of their flavors let their high-quality ingredients do the talking, but they're stepping outside their comfort zone with this cake-based gelato. As a result of the richer bounty inside this pint, the calorie count has jumped up to 240 calories per serving, nearly a thousand in the entire container. Twisting off the top revealed a first layer that was a light brown color, with no hints at what lie beneath. With little to no information out on this particular flavor, I had assumed I'd be seeing hunks of cake, but as I scooped out my first bite I was quickly informed otherwise.

For some reason, Talenti has opted against including actual pieces of German chocolate cake, and instead have decided to stick to just the toppings. The traditional toppings on a German chocolate cake consist of a pecan and coconut frosting, which Talenti has incorporated into their rendition. The golden frosting is thick, colorful and enticing as it strings up and out of the transparent pint. The base of this flavor seems to be comprised of their Belgium milk chocolate base, the same one found in their Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. This chocolate gelato is smooth, slow-melting, and lacks the richness of other chocolate ice creams. It seems sweeter than their standard chocolate gelato and has a bit of cake batter undertones. Because the coconut-pecan frosting flows through at such a high volume, the texture of the entire base is affected.

The remaining coconut pulp left behind after each bite containing some of the thick, flavorful frosting, gives the gelato an interesting, pulp-filled texture, one that I've come to enjoy. The small pieces of pecan add a nice crunch to each bite thanks to their slightly-candied exterior that gives way with little effort. When all the components are brought together inside a single bite, the result is pretty accurate as far as frozen versions are concerned. Unfortunately with the lack of actual cake inside, this leaves a lot of potential on the table.

Where I Found It: Publix
Grade: B

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