Friday, December 7, 2012

REVIEW: New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Brandy Milk Punch

With the exception of a few desserts that I'd heard of in the past, nearly every pint from New Orleans Ice Cream Company comes with a built in history lesson on the culinary arts. I'd never even dreamt of desserts like Lemon Doberge Cake or Peach Melba prior to this. Even classics like Red Velvet Cake and Bananas Foster have revealed their Big Easy roots. This container of Brandy Milk Punch promises a new spin on the traditional New Orleans frozen beverage. Unfortunately for me, I've never had the traditional frozen beverage, so this rendition will have to do.

Routinely regarded as the classic New Orleans brunch drink, as well as being served in high-class establishments such as Brennan's and Cafe Adelaide, the beverage calls for a combination of brandy, whole milk, simple syrup, cracked ice and finished with freshly grated nutmeg. When recreated in ice cream, New Orleans Ice Cream Company takes their sweet ice cream and incorporates a healthy dose of brandy flavoring and hints of nutmeg. The burgundy lid hides a first layer that looks strikingly similar to that of their Vanilla Bean and coming in at a nearly identical 250 calories, is just as dense.

The base even has flecks of darkness to break up the off-white coloring, but instead of vanilla bean, this comes in the form of nutmeg. The ice cream resists my spoon at first due to the thickness, but eventually I gather a full spoon to sample. Since I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, the sweetness caught me a bit off guard. Playing the part of the simple syrup, the sugary aspect overpowers the hints of booze. New Orleans Ice Cream Company doesn't seem to remain consistent with how strong they decide to make the alcohol components inside their flavors, but they go weak on the brandy with this one.

While they've only allowed slight signs of the distilled wine to remain after the churning process, they've still incorporated enough to let you know what you're sipping on. Combined with the sweetness and spice from the nutmeg, the brandy flavoring create a flavor that has me craving a glass of the actual adult drink. Apart from the taste, Brandy Milk Punch possesses the same incredible consistency and denseness found in many other flavors from the New Orleans Ice Cream Company. Flavors such as this one, with a higher calorie count than others, really showcase how talented the fine folks in Louisiana are at making ice cream.

The base lingers around inside your mouth, allowing you to be taken on the adventure that the New Orleans Ice Cream Company has intended. Even without any mix-ins, I can't seem to get enough of this beverage-based offering. After trying this, having a brandy milk punch is definitely on my to-do list when visiting New Orleans in the future.

Where I Found It: Ice Cream Source
Grade: C

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