Sunday, November 18, 2012

REVIEW: Private Selection German Chocolate Cake

Before my blogging days, I have a vivid memory of indulging in a pint of Ben & Jerry's limited batch, Fair Goodness Cake ice cream. The now-unobtainable blend of chocolate ice cream, pieces of real chocolate cake, and coconut-pecan swirl has had me searching for a similar experience ever since. Using nearly the same components, Private Selection describes their version as, "rich chocolate cake pieces folded into chocolate ice cream swirled with coconut-pecan sauce.

After unlocking the sealed lid and pulling it off, the top layer gives little hint to the gaudy mix-ins lying underneath. At 230 calories per serving, this generic option is approaching the nutrition facts usually reserved for super-premium pint-sized portions. The calorie count is confirmed as it resists the edge of my ice cream scoop. After a bit of effort, I manage to fill an entire bowl. Obviously, it's hard to look past the globs of coconut-pecan sauce sitting on top, but I manage to stay concentrated on just grabbing some of the chocolate base to taste first.

The dense chocolate ice cream is surprisingly rich, so much so, that the base feels darker than a standard chocolate. As is the case with many Private Selection flavors, this full-bodied chocolate ice cream isn't terribly complex, but because of the ample amount of mix-ins, doesn't effect the overall performance. It doesn't take long before I incorporate the impressive looking coconut pecan sauce. Draped all over the base ice cream, this flavorful swirl works wonderfully with the chocolate ice cream.

This caramel colored sauce leads with the tastes of candied pecans, but finishes with a strong coconut flavoring, leaving a bit of pulp behind in each bite. The intensity of this particular swirl certainly doesn't appear to be from a generic, but Private Selection rarely produces offerings typical of a grocery store manufacturer. This includes the cake pieces they've put inside. These chunks of chocolate cake are reminiscent of the soft pieces in Blue Bell's Birthday Cake.

These moist and chewy pieces add even more richness to the equation, bordering on the taste of candy shop fudge, rather than simple chocolate cake. The denseness far surpasses a slice of the actual dessert, taking multiple bites to break down fully. The end result of all three components becomes almost too rich to handle. Despite being a pretty spot-on representation of the actual cake, the heavy feeling generic option limits the amount you can enjoy without being a bit overwhelmed.

Where I Found It: Kroger
Grade: C


  1. That coconut-pecan sauce looks like liquid gold. Too bad there's no Krogers in Maryland....

    1. Oh it was. One of the most impressive swirls I've seen.

  2. This was THEE best icecream I've ever had. What I don't understand is why Kroger's pulled it out of my store :(

    It was SO good, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! Did you happen to photograph the ingredients list, because none of my attempts to get them to bring it back has met with a reply. Being that that is the case, I would like to try and replicate it myself. Does anyone have any ideas how to match it exactly?

    1. Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pictures of the ingredients. German chocolate cake is such a great inspiration for ice cream I'm hoping to see more companies produce a similar flavor soon. You may want to seek out Talenti's limited edition version if you can.

  3. I had the same experience as above with the German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream. That stuff was the bomb...I bought a tub of the German Chocolate Cake about every two weeks. Then they stopped making it. I called customer service and was bounced around for 45 minutes before ending up with the same unhelpful receptionist that answered my call. Very disappointing! The Kroger store manager was no help either. He didn't care. I hope they start making it/stocking it again.


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