Wednesday, November 21, 2012

REVIEW: Breyer's Apple Cinnamon Crumble (Limited Edition)

It took months before I was able to work up the courage to sample another Breyer's selection that included frozen dairy dessert. With the exception of a few, the Breyer's Blasts lineup had been a bust, but I hadn't explored any of their original flavors. A few weeks back I posted a news article covering the planned release of their latest, limited edition offering, Apple Cinnamon Crumble. Although not up front about the inspiration, the red bow and gold tags insinuates there might be a Christmas theme behind this all-black carton. The benefit of using frozen dairy dessert comes in the form of a lower calorie count, which is evident here at only 140 calories per serving. Discarding the lid displays a light colored ice cream only broken up by bits of pie crust and a beige apple cinnamon swirl.

The frozen dairy dessert began to melt at the mere sight of my ice cream scoop, but managed to hold together long enough for me to get a few large gobs in the bowl. I sought out a spoon full of the all-white base and took the plunge. The consistency was as can be expected from frozen dairy dessert, slightly gummy and fast melting. I had anticipated a vanilla foundation that Breyer's would then add apple crumble components to, but instead they've actually incorporated apple flavoring directly into the base. The resulting flavor is similar to that of apple pie filling, but not quite as sweet. The cinnamon swirl that seems to sneak into nearly every bite adds a nice burst of sweetness to the fruity frozen dairy dessert. The cinnamon sauce isn't nearly thick enough to add anything texturally, but instead Breyer's leaves that to the plentiful pieces of pie crust they've put inside.

Although most larger corporations tend to have very uniform mix-ins, these pie crust pieces range in size and stature. Some smaller slivers make their way into bites in order to add a bit of crunchy texture, while the larger chunks add a flaky feel and sweet, buttery taste. Considering the base they use to make this flavor, the pieces of crust are actually pretty impressive. They've managed to pack a large amount of flavor and texture inside a small package, all while giving the entire carton an authentic apple cinnamon crumble aura. Seeing as how not many ice creams revolve around apple pie or crumbles, this limited edition carton fills a nice void in the ice cream aisle.

Where I Found It: Publix Super Markets
Grade: D


  1. I really liked this flavor. It was really hard to find though.

  2. Sounds like you have nothing but good things to say. So why give it a D? That's not explained at all in your review.


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