Friday, November 16, 2012

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry's Peanut Brittle

Seeing as how the other brittle flavors reviewed on this blog have performed so well, grabbing Ben & Jerry's version was a no-brainer. High Road's Peanut Butter Brittle and Jeni's, upscale version, Brown Butter Almond Brittle had both revolved around this coveted candy. The variation put forth by Vermont's Finest avoided the butter altogether and allowed the peanuts to lead the way. They even employed the same succulent caramel swirl found in Triple Caramel Chunk.

Displaying dark, decadent bits of brittle on the outside of the container, I can only imagine the possibilities when combined with a peanut brittle base and their famous caramel swirl. After popping the lid off, I can't help but think how much Peanut Brittle looks and smells like What a Cluster. Replacing the butter with brittle in this flavor, hopefully the overall experience can come close to that of it's highly regarded, peanut butter brother. Snaking my way around the bits of brittle breaking through the surface, I gather a large gob of the peanut brittle ice cream for further examination.

The beige ice cream is thick, luscious and so intertwined with the caramel swirl that flows throughout the container, that it's difficult to taste the peanut butter base independently. The 280 calorie per serving count is standard among Ben & Jerry's offerings, but could be heavier for a selection showcasing peanuts. For some reason, prior to my first bite, I had been expecting a peanut butter taste. Instead, the taste was true to it's name. This base wasn't overly sweetened, but instead allowed the full flavor of the peanuts to come forward,

The coveted consistency of Ben & Jerry's is universal across the lineup, so the denseness is as can be expected. The thick ice cream uses the same caramel swirl utilized in Triple Caramel Chunk, a perfect addition to the peanut brittle ice cream. The base isn't the sweetest by any means, so the caramel assists in adding some more sugar to the equation. The base and swirl were satisfactory, but I'm most excited to see the last remaining element, the actual pieces of peanut brittle.

Before long, a steady stream of small peanut brittle fragments begin to gather on the end of my spoon. These crunchy bits are coated in a sugary, caramel coating that releases an audible crunch as the peanuts crack away from the outer candy shell. Dozens of these little pieces riddled the rest of the pint. Once the initial layer is out of the picture there was a steady flow of caramel and brittle in nearly every bite.

Despite the fact that I enjoyed this flavor, the category of brittle based ice cream is a competitive one. The inspiration was well warranted, but Ben & Jerry's offering couldn't knock off the handmade feel and large brittle pieces found in High Road's Peanut Butter Brittle and Jeni's Splendid Brown Butter Almond Brittle. Since artisan brands like High Road and Jeni's might not be available in your area, Ben & Jerry's makes a worthy substitute.

Where I Found It: Harris Teeter
Grade: B


  1. Wish I could try is not available anywhere in Texas :(

    1. I found it at the scoop shop in Houston last week!

  2. I wish you guys would bring this ice cream back i really loved it....


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