Saturday, October 6, 2012

REVIEW: Mars Chocolate Ice Cream with M&M's Chocolate Candies

Not something I normally see when I'm browsing the freezer aisle, I found this carton at a local gas station. I was in a rush and craving ice cream so this was the definition of an impulse buy. Convenient store munchies can be hit or miss, but with the vibrant-colored packaging, along with everyone's favorite talking chocolate candy on the front, I'm hoping the Mars manufactured Chocolate Ice Cream with M&M's Chocolate Candies can get me through in a pinch.

I've never had a flavor that incorporated actual M&M chocolate coated candies in any store bought ice cream, but I used to jump at the opportunity to have them poured over my creation at scoop shops as a child. Coming in at 190 calories per serving, Mars has seemingly incorporated a lighter than usual ice cream to encapsulate their M&M's Minis milk chocolate candies, color sprinkles and rich fudge swirls. The fact that they've really emphasized the fact that this contains REAL chocolate ice cream is a bit concerning.

Despite the odd description, the marketing bucks available to Mars have produced a pretty impressive looking carton. Bright colors and high resolution pictures cover the exterior of this easy-going pint. I pop off the top to find a pretty basic looking layer of chocolate ice cream and colorful candy sprinkles. Chocolate is usually a safe bet, but as I sink my spoon in I can't help but be disappointed.

The unappealing, crumbly consistency of the ice cream broke apart in pieces and had an odd artificial taste that lingered on the tongue. Even the gummy nature of super-light, low-fat offerings would have been more palatable than this. It's pretty hard to screw up straightforward chocolate ice cream, but Mars has managed to do so. The mini M&M's have little ability to save this abomination.

Utilizing the mini versions of M&M's was the only smart decision Mars seems to have made. Because of their smaller size, they lack the completely frozen consistency of what larger pieces may have become. The result is a slightly crunchy texture with that classic M&M's chocolate taste. Even though there are a ton of these classic candies inside, the fact that they're covered in such a poor excuse for ice cream hinders me from having them all before I placed this pint in the garbage pail.

The last, and most forgettable, component was the dark fudge swirl. Only slightly thicker than the base, the taste was nearly identical, which wasn't a good thing. But what can you expect from a company that pushes out billions of candy bars a year. Keeping their priorities straight, I guess they don't have too much time to concentrate on their ice cream operation. Although the results here were pretty lackluster, the other candy bar-inspired ice creams from Mars, like their Twix variation, have me wanting to give this brand another chance.

Where I Found It: Shell Gas Station
Grade: F


  1. This is the worst ice cream I've ever had! So disappointing, as M&Ms are my favorite candy...

    1. So awful. Still the worst ice cream I've ever reviewed.

  2. Really!! I thought it was sweet and delicious!!!

  3. Interesting review I do want to try it out myself, Which Shell did you find it at. Also do you know if they still supply this ice cream in Melbourne anywhere ,thanks

    1. I think it is fantastic and have seen where Walmart sells one by Breyers That I want to try because it's a large container instead of just a pint size. You can check it out at



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