Tuesday, October 30, 2012

REVIEW: Edy's Peppermint (Limited Edition)

After being pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Edy's low-calorie Pumpkin ice cream, I decided to try their other limited edition option. I usually don't enjoy mint ice creams very much and even Mint Chocolate Cookie from both Ben & Jerry's and New Orleans Ice Cream Company were only able to secure so-so scores. Edy's Peppermint strays from the typical light green appearance of mint ice cream, and instead, decides to revolve theirs around the red and white striped candy.

With the lid removed, a lovely layer of light-pink ice cream riddled with peppermint stick shards reveals itself. The ease in which my spoon plunges into the ice cream could be cause for concern, but having tried their Pumpkin flavor less than a week ago, I'm confident the consistency won't ruin this flavor. Because of the 140 calories per serving calorie count, Edy's Peppermint retains a light and fluffy feel without melting as quickly as other low calorie offerings. I scoop out a bowl full and sample my first bite.

The consistency continues to impress me. There's absolutely no gum-like texture at all. But the consistency wasn't the only thing that surprised me. Because of mint flavors in the past that I've tried I was expecting a base that was full-bodied and overbearing with the herb, but instead they've overpowered the cooling peppermint with sweetness. As I came into this taste test, I wouldn't have thought peppermint would have been able to overthrow the standard green mint flavored ice cream, but after only a few bites my preference had changed. Other flavors incorporating chocolate ingredients may want to look into swapping out their current mint base for the red peppermint variety.

But you won't find any chocolate hiding inside this flavor. Edy's keeps it simple by only including small bits of peppermint stick to add some texture and amplify the overall peppermint experience. These make their way into nearly every bite and some require chewing to break down. Although I preferred the Pumpkin base better, with the addition of the peppermint sticks, the end result is the same. I really wasn't expecting to be as accepting of this flavor as I was, but now I'm ready for the peppermint flavors of Christmas to hurry up and arrive.

Where I Found It: Super Wal-Mart


  1. If you can still find it, Edy's S'mores is definitely worth a purchase. However, it's "Slow Churned", so it's only 120 calories a serving and has a very low fat content. That being said, it's absolutely delicious.

    1. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. I'm typically opposed to the super-low calorie selections, but I could make an exception for a flavor based on S'mores.


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