Friday, August 10, 2012

REVIEW: New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Hubig's Apple Pie

Still elated at the fact that I had just received some samples from New Orleans Ice Cream Company, I had the difficult task of choosing my first victim. Fortunately, there was a clear-cut winner to show me the way. I've had this pint in my cart at Ice Cream Source on numerous occasions, but I've always hesitated to the pull trigger after seeing the high price tag for shipping. I was turned on to Hubig's famous fried pies by a friend of mine on my last trip through New Orleans. All the flavors were tremendously tasty, but the apple ones were a step above the rest.

These little fried pockets of dough and fruit filling are phenomenal all on their own and lucky for us, New Orleans Ice Cream Company has decided to come along, break these heavenly pillows into bite-sized pieces, and throw them into their super-smooth vanilla bean ice cream. Unfortunately for me, I live too far away from Louisiana to get close enough to purchase either of these products. Then to make matters worse, on July 27th, tragedy struck Savory Simon. A fire resulted in a total loss of this New Orleans landmark; a story that gained nationwide attention due to the plentiful amount of Hubig's pie lovers out there. Pie lovers that have gone as far as tattooing the cartoon baker on their body.

Now that these pies won't be produced for a while, and maybe permanently, scarcity is already becoming a factor. These pies are selling regularly on eBay for up to 20 times their original purchase price. Now, against all things logistic, I was holding a pint that was rapidly approaching extinction. Using an ingredient as incredible as these famous fried pies, the vanilla bean ice cream could probably get away with being sub-par, but New Orleans Ice Cream Company wouldn't rely solely on the mix-ins. After pulling off the top to this gem, it felt a bit like I was opening a valuable, vintage Star Wars figurine, still in the original plastic wrapper.

The subtle sheen of the vanilla ice cream looked innocent enough. Only a few small speckles of Hubig's finest have managed to find their way to the top. I spooned out a heaping scoop of the 240 calorie per serving, super premium ice cream and take my first taste from New Orleans Ice Cream Company. Before even hitting the fragments of fried dough, I can't help but notice how exceptional the vanilla bean base turns out to be. Smooth, rich and easily better than most other vanilla ice creams on the market. Usually acting as a vehicle for other components, vanilla can be overlooked, but the fine folks at New Orleans Ice Cream Company put their vanilla bean base on the front line. After fully appreciating the base, I'm ready for the bits of pie.

These start out small, adding a tremendous aftertaste of fried apple pie to the tail-end of each bite. As I worked my way through the pint, the pieces became increasingly more bulky. By throwing different sized pieces of these pies about this vanilla bean ice cream, you get at least a few chunks in every bite, and some rather large lumps along the way: a great approach to ice cream. I greedily wish that all the hunks were humongous, but by varying in size, it really helps the overall performance of the flavor.

The vanilla bean ice cream and Hubig's Apple Pie pieces were accompanied by sweet ribbon of apple fruit filling which added thick, gelatinous texture to the crumbly pie. This slice of Americana was one of those few flavors that live up to the hype of my preconceived notions. It was a bittersweet moment polishing off the last bite. Not only because I was out of this wonderful ice cream, but also because this flavor might be going on a long hiatus until Hubig's can manage to rebuild after such a catastrophic setback.

Where I Found It: Ice Cream Source
Grade: A


  1. Looks like you got one of the flavors in your shipment that I didn't get in my shipment, so I'm jealous. I have a review of one of these pints (different flavor) going up this afternoon.

    1. I feel bad for you that you didn't get to try this one out. One of my all time favorites.


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