Sunday, May 27, 2012

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy

Chocolate Therapy had once been confined exclusively to Ben & Jerry's scoop shops, but they've recently started churning out this fan favorite in pint sized portions. After reading rave reviews of this newly released flavor, I was finally able to find this chocolate powerhouse. Described as chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies & swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream, this sounds like a chocolate lover's dream. I usually steer clear of flavors featuring such an overload of just one ingredient, but I think I can make an exception considering this features their coveted chocolate cookie mix-in; as well as a never-before-seen chocolate pudding ice cream. The flowing river of pudding on the front of the carton make it hard to resist tearing off the top any longer.

After removing the lid, a strong scent of chocolate wafts upwards and a dark brown chocolate ice cream peers back at me. Chocolate Therapy does a nice job at hiding all the other components underneath the first layer and shows no signs of the chocolate cookies and chocolate pudding ice cream hiding below. The 240 calories per serving that this flavor contains seems like a small price to pay for such a rich combination of ingredients. For my first bite, I scraped my spoon across the ice cream; collecting a nice bite of only the standard chocolate base. The consistency of Ben & Jerry's ice cream remains unchanged across their entire lineup and this possesses that same super-premium feel of all the others. The richness of their chocolate borders on being dark, but remains just mild enough to avoid overpowering my palate.

Before long, I begin to run into the much darker swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream. These stripes appear almost black and provide a completely different texture than its standard chocolate counterpart. The two base ice creams are so intertwined that it's difficult to differentiate the two when they land in the same bite, but the pudding base has a unique, dry finish that gives away its true identity. Both of the base ice creams combine to create a rich, full-bodied flavor that is only intensified by the chocolate cookies crumbled up inside. Although the extra chocolate from the cookies doesn't add much as far as taste is concerned, the soft, crumbly texture rounds out this flavor nicely. The slight crunch, especially when matched up with the two ice creams, provide a perfectly well-balanced flavor and feel; enough to usher Chocolate Therapy into the upper echelon of the rankings.

Where I Found It: Super Wal-Mart
Grade: A


  1. OMG, I just bought this with the coupon you sent me and tried it today. AMAZING. My new favorite chocolate ice cream!

    1. I'm glad you received the coupon! And certainly a nice selection. Chocolate Therapy is good stuff!

      Send me a link to your newspaper column if you want. I'd love to check it out!

  2. I found it at Ingles. Now I can't enjoy any other ice cream.


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